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Monday, April 25, 2022

Today, it is necessary to fill the Just Low Ration Card with the authority properly

Today, it is necessary to fill the Just Low Ration Card with the authority properly

If you are a ration card holder, this news is important for you too. The government has decided to make the card surrender under every specific condition. This may be in your favor to ignore your conviction and give it away. No one can resist.

New rules made ration card by the government

During the selected epidemic, free rations were to be provided to private families. The government still thinks this management for you families. But the informant said that many ration card holders are not eligible for A and they will get the benefit of free ration. The plan does not allow eligible cardholders to avail this facility.

Will be after check

In this case, the new card surrender from the corporation may be different. If a suitable person does not surrender the ration card, legal action may be taken against him after investigation.

What is required ?

If one is required to have a majority of 100 class cards, flat or network, four wheeler-DK tractor, two lakh and several lakh large annual income, then many people have police rations.

Will happen

Information, if the ration card is not surrendered, the people's check will be canceled later. At the same time, legal action will be taken against his family. Not only that, since the benefit of the ration card, the ration will be recovered later.

These people are unfit for ration cards

Many who have motorcar, tractor families, AC, harvester, how-to generic speed, 100 class representatives or marks, more than one, more than one license, rural family 2 lakh per annum and later 3 lakh per annum families are ineligible for this scheme. .

A new one has arrived

Ration cards are also being made for the right people in many states. In this the government says a video. Thus he himself became the card of the family. People who do not surrender rock cards may be banned.